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Teller Suite Benefits

Our guiding philosophy is that tellers don't process transactions, they serve customers. As your bank's primary customer service ambassadors, your tellers need the very best tools available.

Studies have shown that teller automation increases the number of transactions a teller can perform per hour or per day, reducing the overall branch cost per transaction.

Other studies have shown that the teller's ability to accurately and efficiently handle transactions, quickly respond to customer inquiries, and reduce the amount of time customers wait in line significantly improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Teller Suite incorporates all these factors in its design and delivers benefits that can directly affect the bank's per-transaction costs and customer satisfaction, including:

Performance and Productivity

Teller Suite's user interface and high-performance transaction processing engine enhance teller productivity and efficiency. 

Other Teller Suite capabilities streamline end-of-day balancing, help with research balancing and other issues, and automate tasks such as check printing and Currency Transaction Reports.

Enhanced Customer Service

Features such as the on-line core baking interface, Savings Bond redemption calculator, currency conversion, check printing, and cash dispenser support are designed to enhance teller productivity and provide additional "value added" customer services.

Combined with the ability to access current customer and account information using built-in Teller Suite inquiry capabilities, these tools enable tellers to handle more customer requests and deliver additional customer services without leaving the teller window, resulting in faster and more efficient service.

Enhanced Management Control

Teller Suite Branch Manager and Enterprise Manager provide enhanced management control with real-time monitoring and extensive reporting capabilities. Teller Suite's Architect and Utility customization and security features provide easy, point-and-click implementation of bank policies and procedures.

Built-in cash management and audit features provide automatic tracking and control of teller cash. All teller cash activity, ending cash, and over/under conditions are reported and maintained indefinitely in the permanent transaction history archive.

On-line operation further enhances management control and reduces your bank's overall exposure to risk by automatically verifying and validating customer transactions against current account information and balances.

Branch Manager and Enterprise Manager reporting capabilities provide statistical information for monitoring teller productivity and analyzing transaction activity volumes and customer service response times across various time periods. This information is useful for monitoring teller performance, staffing and workload planning, and for analyzing branch customer transaction activity.

Industry Standard Technology

Teller Suite is designed for performance, reliability, and easy deployment. The use of industry standard technology protects your investment against future obsolescence.

Teller Suite's use of Windows standards provides flexibility in choosing workstation hardware, transaction printers, servers and networks. The Windows operating environment provides the ability to deploy other customer service and productivity tools using the same standard PC workstations.

Reduced Maintenance and Support Costs

It is increasingly difficult and expensive if not impossible to obtain maintenance and support of older, proprietary teller systems. Replacing obsolete proprietary equipment with PC based systems based on current standards and technology reduces associated maintenance and support costs and eliminates down-time related to the lack of support, replacement parts or qualified service technicians.

Standardization and Future Expansion

Future expansion, such as adding new tellers or opening a new branch location, is greatly simplified with the ability to purchase standard, off-the-shelf teller workstation hardware.

Banks using older proprietary teller systems experience increased maintenance and support overhead and frustrating barriers to expansion. The lack of standards makes training and end-user support more difficult and further complicates implementation and integration of new systems and software.

Standardizing on a Windows based system at all locations eliminates these problems and gives your bank greater flexibility in deploying new teller workstations or re-deploying retired teller workstation PCs for other applications. Cross training of temporary or floating tellers is also greatly simplified.

Reduced Training Requirements

Teller Suite's intuitive graphical user interface and other features such as built-in interactive help library and extensive teller prompts reduce training requirements for new tellers.

Our experience proves that Tellers who are familiar with their job responsibilities and who have had some exposure to Windows based applications can be trained to operate Teller Suite in less than four hours.

Ease of Installation and Setup

Teller Suite is distributed with standard Windows installation and setup utilities, reducing the time and complexity involved in installing the software on teller workstation PCs.

The teller workstation installation/setup can be staged on a network server, eliminating the need to handle installation media at each workstation. Client workstation configurations and printer setups can be created one time and distributed to each workstation over the network. In a thin client environment, it's done centrally and one time on the server for all users.

Teller Suite's Architect tool includes a fully operational sample transaction set that works right out of the box. It can be easily customized to match your bank's operating procedures and policies.



Teller Suite's high-performance Teller Workstation enhances teller confidence, accuracy, and efficiency, supports a wide variety of time-saving branch peripherals, and includes value-added features for enhanced customer service.


Teller Suite's Architect and Utilities provide point-and-click customization of transactions, menus, documents, controls, and procedures that can be deployed along with the software across a variety of supported hardware and network environments.


Teller Suite's Branch Manager and Enterprise Manager extend management control with real-time monitoring, supervisory controls, and an extensive library of management reports.