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Value Added Features

Teller Suite's value-added features include built-in CTR reporting, Savings Bond redemption calculators, currency conversion, MICR reader support for MICR enabled transaction printers, and check printing on forms capable transaction printers.

Teller Suite's flexible printing capabilities support a variety of dot matrix, thermal, and ink jet transaction printers from the leading  manufacturers. In fact, Teller Suite supports the use of different types of transaction and report printers at the same location or even on the same workstation.

These features are built-in to Teller Suite and included with your Teller Suite license at no additional charge and automatically available on all Teller Suite workstations with standard installation and setup. This product suite approach eliminates complicated licensing fees, helps control costs, and simplifies software installation, setup, and training.

Teller Suite also provides out-of-the-box integration with industry standard branch automation solutions such as signature verification, laser check printing, and multi-vendor cash dispenser support.

Although these third-party products are separately licensed, the required interfaces are built-in to Teller Suite and provided at no additional charge. They are installed automatically with Teller Suite and are easily activated using built-in configuration tools.

Teller Suite also provides built-in on-line interfaces to many popular banking systems. Teller Suite's on-line operations provide account inquiries and transaction memo posting from every teller workstation, improving teller accuracy, enhancing teller confidence, and reducing your bank's exposure to risk.

Built-in support for
branch  peripherals